Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Space-Tacular Party

Thrown for: brothers Jack & Maxwell
Ages: 7 & 4
Location: Home
Number of Guests: 28
The basics:
This party was thrown by one of my dearest friends, Denise. When she decides to do something- she goes all out. She is crafty, creative, and fun-loving with a dash of OCD. This party is evidence of that. Combining her boy's birthday parties would kill two bird with one stone- right? Well, Denise had her work cut out for her. 

Activities included: 
Stomp Rockets- in the driveway that was decorated with black hole targets & planets
Crater Toss- bean bag toss into giant foil covered target with cut-out holes
Planet Walk- cake walk game with candy prizes
Rocket Races- a balloon is attached to lanyard by straw then released. Kids had decorated own rocket ship cover (this was the favorite activity for sure!)

What I loved about this party:
I loved so many aspects of this party. The fact that the brothers were able to agree on a combined theme and share the spotlight- that takes some loving bros. The activities were based around classic games and simply structured, but Denise put her own twist on them and fit them into the space theme perfectly. Other faves of mine are the Denise-designed invitations and goodie bag labels. So pro! 

Suggestions from the hostess:
With so many guests, the activities had to be run simultaneously. Denise suggests to sign on a handful of good friends to lend a hand and help run the activities. 

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