Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snap Happy

Between Josh and I, we take hundreds of photos on our regular digital camera. By December each year, I try to order the year's worth of photo books through Shutterfly. They are pretty standard, black cover, 8 1/2 X 11. They are stacked neatly on my shelves in hopes that one day someone may want to look through them. (Thanks, Denise for being the first person to do so, unprompted.) 

But what about all of those photos I snap on my iPhone every day? Hundreds of them pile up and at some point, I can no longer take any. So here's what I've started doing. This is no big breakthrough idea and I'm sure most of you do this already, but I wanted to share anyway. Since photos from my phone now upload to iPhoto through photo stream, I throw them in an Apple photo book. I chunk the books according to when my phone is busting and cannot take one more shot. 

Does it bother me that they are different from the black annual photo books? Yes. Do I want to take the time to merge the photos together and try to chronologically organize the two collections- hell no. I'm still agonizing over years worth of home movies not bring edited and burned into a lovely DVD collection that can sit neatly stacked next to the photo books. (Damn those Angelos).

So I will have two piles of photo books no one looks at but me. One black, one white. The black ones will be the family photos, vacations and events, all neatly organized by date. The white ones will be a collection of iPhone snaps that I can't part with, or deal with. 

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