Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes! Mess!

You know this is a very uncomfortable subject for me: Messy Fun. I have been observing my kids and their indoor play scenarios. It inevitably involves making a gigantic mess. I try very hard to look the other way and let them just destroy the order I have worked hard to establish. It has been a huge struggle. I try to remember back to my childhood and our play habits. I have to ask my mom if we had to drag every plaything from our bedrooms, spread them amongst the common living areas and beg to leave it there for days. I just don't get it. We finally have enough space for the kids to have their own rooms and just spent a chunk of change on a beautiful family room downstairs and yet the main living room and even the bathroom are where they gravitate to. They feel the need to spread their armfuls of blankets, pots and pans, and shelves full of nonsense where I just want to relax and revel in my minimalism. I promise myself to try and roll with it, let their imaginations run free and chaos unfold, but I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

NYC aka Fort City

NYC living room

West Norwalk bathroom.

Ok- this is inside Petra's bedroom- but shortly after this photo was taken, it spread beyond...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Petra's Room Evolves

Since Petra has denied me the motherly pleasure of putting pony tails or braids in her hair, I can at least get satisfaction from filling her room with girly goods. I had made Beckett a bulletin board for his room and since then Petra has been asking for one. I used the left over homasote from my desk project and made hers trimmed in ribbon. She finally has a place for photos, mementos and don't forget glitter covered Popsicle sticks.


I hung it low so she can reach it from her bed.

Can you believe I found a lamp filled with pom poms? PINK & GREEN pom poms? I thought I was in heaven at Homegoods when I found this. For a mere $24.99 I can read Petra her nightly book while glancing over at this miracle. 

We also hung her melted crayon project, which we can't seem to get enough of. We seem to make one every couple of weeks and the excitement never fades.

Here are some other crayon projects we did during our visit with the Angelos in Virginia.

These we did back in February upstate with my niece Aubrey.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Baggage

When I was about 14 years old, I was bringing home some decent cash from my babysitting gigs. Whenever I could catch a ride with my mom to the Aviation Mall, I would blow all of my earnings on cute little purses, my infamous 'Stayin' Alive' tote bag, and various pocketbooks that made me feel grown-up.

The second I walked in the door my father would always say, "You know, Cara, if you spend all of your money on pocketbooks, you will have nothing to put inside them". He was right. I never had any money and funny thing is- I never carried any of those bags. Until recently, I was the sister who would go to the store stashing her wallet, cell phone & sunglasses in everyone else's bags.

Now that I am all grown-up, I have strayed away from the desire to own lots of bags, but I do strive to find that perfect bag- the one I'll carry for years, a classic.

Here are a few of the senseless but fun bags I own:
The Bermuda Bag
I was ba-nanas over these Bermuda bags in middle school. There was an entire store in the mall dedicated to them. Not a cart, a store. I could never afford them back then. Then a few years ago, my sister, Theresa surprised me with this set she found at a vintage store on the Vineyard. "Perfect for summers here around the pool in New Canaan," said the Stepford wife. 
You can buy new Bermuda Bags here.

The Hobo Bag
I was in the mood for that boho-chic look a few years back, and bought 2 of these hobo bags, only real  hobo's bags are plastic shopping bags. Digging through these deep, shapeless sacks makes me insane and I'm pretty sure that's why hobos mumble as they rummage through theirs as well.
Fun for a date night, but not a classic.

The Little Clutch

The Summer Bag

This is probably one of my best bag purchases. Many summers ago, the sisters and I made our seasonal pilgrimage to Walmart. Walmart I said! We each bought this beach bag for about $9.00. I swear, I have never gotten so many compliments on a bag. People go NUTS for it. And by people I mean everyone. I gravitated to it because it reminded me so much of a Paul Smith rug I covet:

The Serious Bag
This bag was my most recent attempt at feeling grown up, although I have recently been referred to as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman carrying it. That's ok. This bag goes with everything (except my Yoga outfit), keeps things in order inside, and was affordable. It has structure. I had stalked its cousin, the Biennial Satchel from J.Crew forever, but this Evan Satchel from Banana Republic was much more my speed price-wise - plus I used a 40% off coupon that mysteriously arrived in the mail. It was a steal.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Desk Quick-Fix

As you may remember, the wall behind my kitchen cabinets caught fire 2 days after Christmas last year.  It is a brick wall that is shared with my fireplace on the opposite side. Luckily the smoldering cabinet was torn out, thrown onto my front lawn and no one was hurt. The firemen were smart enough not to smash the avocado green Formica counter top and it has since been in my garage collecting dust. I temporarily set up my Ikea desk in it's place in hopes to someday have the cabinets rebuilt, and original counter top placed back on top.

Here's what my Ikea situation looked like:

You can see where the linoleum floor tiles & sheet rock were ripped up by the firemen:

In the meantime, we decided to do a quick patch & paint job, then hung the counter top for my desk. 

We still need to fix sheet rock, but will wait for cabinets to be rebuilt and floor will be done in cork someday. For now it works!

I covered a length of homasote with a burlap-ish fabric for bulletin board back splash.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bertoia Barstool Update

So...I am learning my lesson slowly. When you buy such inexpensive knock-offs, you don't get white glove service. Duh. 2 days after I placed my order for the $135 stool, it arrived. No invoice or packing slip in box, in fact, absolutely no paperwork was included. I pulled it out of the box and soon realized it was the wrong height. It was a barstool, not a counter-height barstool which is what I needed. After several emails and phone messages left (I even posted on the dude's Facebook page), Jordan returned from a 10 day Passover break. 10 days? Really? He is obviously a one-man-show. Fed Ex picked up the wrong stool and the right one was delivered the next day. He knew I was about to disgrace him all over my "very popular mid-century modern blog" as I had threatened. 

So after all the nonsense settled, I do love my stool. It seems super sturdy, perfect height and finish. Compared to the certified Bertoia from Knoll, I'd say it looks pretty damn close: