Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes! Mess!

You know this is a very uncomfortable subject for me: Messy Fun. I have been observing my kids and their indoor play scenarios. It inevitably involves making a gigantic mess. I try very hard to look the other way and let them just destroy the order I have worked hard to establish. It has been a huge struggle. I try to remember back to my childhood and our play habits. I have to ask my mom if we had to drag every plaything from our bedrooms, spread them amongst the common living areas and beg to leave it there for days. I just don't get it. We finally have enough space for the kids to have their own rooms and just spent a chunk of change on a beautiful family room downstairs and yet the main living room and even the bathroom are where they gravitate to. They feel the need to spread their armfuls of blankets, pots and pans, and shelves full of nonsense where I just want to relax and revel in my minimalism. I promise myself to try and roll with it, let their imaginations run free and chaos unfold, but I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

NYC aka Fort City

NYC living room

West Norwalk bathroom.

Ok- this is inside Petra's bedroom- but shortly after this photo was taken, it spread beyond...

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  1. Love it all! I feel your pain though! Just go with it...then when they are sleeping put it all back!