Monday, April 22, 2013

Petra's Room Evolves

Since Petra has denied me the motherly pleasure of putting pony tails or braids in her hair, I can at least get satisfaction from filling her room with girly goods. I had made Beckett a bulletin board for his room and since then Petra has been asking for one. I used the left over homasote from my desk project and made hers trimmed in ribbon. She finally has a place for photos, mementos and don't forget glitter covered Popsicle sticks.


I hung it low so she can reach it from her bed.

Can you believe I found a lamp filled with pom poms? PINK & GREEN pom poms? I thought I was in heaven at Homegoods when I found this. For a mere $24.99 I can read Petra her nightly book while glancing over at this miracle. 

We also hung her melted crayon project, which we can't seem to get enough of. We seem to make one every couple of weeks and the excitement never fades.

Here are some other crayon projects we did during our visit with the Angelos in Virginia.

These we did back in February upstate with my niece Aubrey.

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