Monday, April 23, 2012

Ok- Here's what I really want:

This is the obvious choice for a deck set. We will eventually work our way up to a set like these. They will go much better with the style of the house and as we sip our gin & tonics, we'll feel much more Mad Men. 

1950's Patio Set

We bought this 1950's set on Saturday from a dealer up in Redding. We needed small, round, 4 chairs and wanted a vintage look. It looks good on the new deck, but it's more for a garden setting. We'll keep our eyes open for better set later, we were just excited to get something out there. At first we were skeptical it was 1950's, but then found the same set online from another reputable dealer painted turquoise (below). I'll post deck photos this week- waiting for the rain to stop so they can install cables.

We have room on the other side of the deck for 2 chairs & small drink table. They don't have to match since they are far away from each other and the tree will separate the spaces. We want color and were thinking of these 1950 butterfly chairs. Any ideas?