Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breakfast in bed

Last night before Beckett went to bed he reminded us since it was his birthday in the morning, he would like breakfast in bed. Ok. He saw me have breakfast in bed for Mother's Day, so he'd like to be treated right on his big day. I woke up a bit early, scrambled some eggs and buttered cinnamon bread, melon & OJ. What I really loved about this moment was when we went in to wake him and remind him breakfast in bed was on it's way, he immediately said, "Go get Petra!" He didn't want her to miss out on it. She stumbled in and ate breakfast with him as the Beastie Boys played. They sat there and chatted, eating and laughing. Good start to a great day. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Credenza- where art thou?

A major piece of furniture I would love to find next is a credenza for the dining area. It doesn't have to match anything, so that's good. I would hope for a danish piece, low and long to throw some little decorative items on. I have to get on ebay / craigslist, and get crackin'. Here are some inspirations:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sick Day Sculpture

Beckett stayed home today with strep. Josh stayed home with him and said he basically watched so much TV his eyes bugged out. As soon as I got home, we put the laptop, DS and iPad away. We broke out some cardboard boxes and Beckett started to get the brain working again. He dug through the recycling bin, grabbed tin foil, straws, tape and scissors. He was so excited to built something from scratch, and design it himself. Best part is, he and I worked together without butting heads. Typically, we start fun projects like this and not too far into it, things fall apart and the results are drab.

Beckett turns seven this week and I think there are little signs like this pointing to him maturing and our relationship getting a little closer. I was so proud of him today, he stuck with his idea, made it happen and actually spent the evening playing with his battleship. Happy Birthday Beckett.