Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Desk Quick-Fix

As you may remember, the wall behind my kitchen cabinets caught fire 2 days after Christmas last year.  It is a brick wall that is shared with my fireplace on the opposite side. Luckily the smoldering cabinet was torn out, thrown onto my front lawn and no one was hurt. The firemen were smart enough not to smash the avocado green Formica counter top and it has since been in my garage collecting dust. I temporarily set up my Ikea desk in it's place in hopes to someday have the cabinets rebuilt, and original counter top placed back on top.

Here's what my Ikea situation looked like:

You can see where the linoleum floor tiles & sheet rock were ripped up by the firemen:

In the meantime, we decided to do a quick patch & paint job, then hung the counter top for my desk. 

We still need to fix sheet rock, but will wait for cabinets to be rebuilt and floor will be done in cork someday. For now it works!

I covered a length of homasote with a burlap-ish fabric for bulletin board back splash.

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