Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Farm Party

Thrown for: Aubrey
Age: 9
Location: Arrowhead Farm, Martha's Vineyard
Number of Guests: 6
The basics:
My sister, Theresa threw this party for my niece this past fall. Aubrey is a passionate equestrian and loves horseback riding more than any other activity. It made total sense for her to host her party at the farm where she takes riding lessons. They lucked out with beautiful weather. 

Activities included: 
Each of Aubrey's closest friends took turns riding her favorite horse, Shawnee, who is part Clydesdale, part draft horse. Her favorite instructor, Lillian was there to assist the girls and to serve the cake, which of course was decorated with Shawnee. They then splashed around and cooled off in the stream. 

What I loved about this party: 
If Aubrey could have dreamed up a perfect party, it would have been this. It gave her a chance to share this special aspect of her personal life with friends who only get to hear about it at school. It was also such a unique setting, I don't think any of her friends will throw a party quite like this one anytime soon. It was also outside and involved getting close to nature, eating cake with you closest friends, with your toes dipped in a cool stream- what could be better?

Suggestions from the hostess:
Having the barn arrange the afternoon, not just the instructor, but the food, the cake and clean up was well worth the cost. It relieved a lost of stress. 

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