Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Modern Heat

Introducing my new favorite household update:

Josh and I can disagree on many things. Many, many things. Since our 1952 home has absolutely no insulation- I repeat- no insulation, heating it has become a major issue. We're working on it. Our first winter in the house was extremely mild. No biggie we thought...

Well, fast forward to one cold-ass winter and we're bleeding oil and cash out of our noses trying to heat this place which is comprised of approximately 70% single paned glass. About 1/2 of those enormous single paned windows are jalousies. If you are not familiar with those gems, they are usually installed in summer cottages, in warm climates, to let the breeze blow in. We have stormers for these during the winter months, but the breeze just blows right through. Here is a great example of where to use jalousies effectively- in a seasonal sun room or seasonal enclosed porch. I repeat- seasonal:
It's going to be ok. I assure myself. It will be ok. We have recently made a master "to do" list for the house. Replacing the single paned windows is top priority. Having more efficient stormers made for the jalousies is part of that project. We don't want to get rid of them They are AWESOME. In the summer, they provide for amazing cross ventilation and we have screens for every single one. We are budgeting for that project to happen in the very near future. Until then, we figured replacing the crusty thermostat in the main living area could help. Enter, the Nest:

The nest thermostat was developed by some key folks who originated at Apple. So, hearing all the great things this unit offered, Josh installed one on Saturday morning in no joke- less than 5 minutes. I was then assigned the tech part (as usual). It immediately found our wifi, prompted me through a handful of questions and then asked me to set the room temperature. For about a week, it will learn how we turn our heat up and down and begin to do so automatically for us. Best part is the mobile app. From anywhere I can see the temperature at home and adjust accordingly. Today, for instance, I could see it was a bit colder and before I drove home, I turned the heat up. I know digital thermostats have timers, but the ability to change the room temperature based on the changing temperature outside is pretty cool. 

I'll keep you posted to let you know how it works over the next few weeks and if in fact it can learn our heating habits. Until then, I'll be here, wrapped in my wool cardigan dreaming of a better insulated house. It will happen soon...

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  1. Who would have though something an mundane as a thermostat could be so COOL! Love it!