Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Lego Party

Thrown for: Harrison
Age: 6
Location: Home
Number of Guests: 6
The basics: 
This fun Lego Party was thrown by my sister for her son a few weeks ago. Her philosophy for guests list - keep the number of guests limited to the age the child is turning. This of course, she added, will have to change once sleep-overs are in demand. She made the cakes to look like giant Lego pieces, and came up with simple, and fun Lego-themed games. The primary colored goodie bags included a few small toys and Lego candies- plus a special coupon for ice cream at the local parlor.

What I loved about this party:
It is so Harrison. He loves Legos. It was such an age appropriate, child-centered theme and yet it wasn't over the top stressful for my sister to put together. There are many more Lego party ideas on the Internet. Just remember to keep it realistic as far as your budget and preparation time allows. This is your home, be ready to let loose a little and let them have fun!

Suggestions from the hostess:
1. Remember to keep it to a 2 hour max. 
2. Let them have some free, unstructured time, dance music, etc. They seemed to have the most fun then.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like an amazing idea...I would love to have a small Lego party at home...I am sure Arun would love it. Unfortunately, as there are only 13 children in his class, we have to invite all of them, rent a hall and an entertainer- it's so expensive and stressful!