Monday, February 24, 2014

Belated Valentines

This year on Valentines Day our schools were closed due to snow. Both Petra and Beckett had their Valentines all addressed and ready to be delivered. Beckett's teacher has decided to have a make-up V-Day when they return from winter break. Petra's school, on the other hand, let it slip by. 

News flash: Petra will be delivering her Valentines anyway when she returns from break. She worked her bum off making each card by hand. 17 in fact! I had given her the choice of buying cards at the store such as these:

                                                                   ...or make her own. 
                 Here is how she carefully crafted each one with paint, glitter, stickers and lots of love:

Petra: "You can't cancel Valentines Day! 
My name is Petra Valentine".
Duh. (I added that)

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  1. She DID work so hard on those. Good job Petra? Good job Mom!