Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Mystical Fairy Party

Thrown for: Miss E
Age: 6
Location: Mystical Fairies, Hampstead, UK
Number of guests: 10

The basics:
This party was thrown by my very close friend, Rachael. She wrote about it in more detail on her hot new blog: New York Mum in London. Known for throwing some killer parities back in NYC for both kids and adults alike, Rachael chose this unique location for her daughter's first party since moving to London this fall. There were many themes to choose from and as you can see, the guests were quite entertained in this magical space.

Activities Included: After the guest of honor chose the theme of Barbie and the Three Musketeers, each guest chose the outfit they would wear, faces were painted and dancing ensued. 

What I loved about this party: This place looks like every little girl's fantasy. Right down to the glitter covered toadstools, they have this thing nailed. I also love how Rachael let go a bit (which I know is very hard to do) and allowed the venue to take care of small details like the goodie bags, food and activities, and focused her energies on creating the most fabulous 100% homemade cake. She listened to what Miss E dreamed up and executed a cake to match the fabulous-ness of the party itself. 

Suggestions from the hostess: Encouraging drop off at this age allows the birthday girl full attention rather than the adults needing tending to. Less adults also allows room for movement at smaller venues giving the children space to spread out and fully enjoy themselves. 

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