Monday, August 31, 2009

Scout, Sally, Jack, Jill, Reggie, Casey, Sassy, Jasmine, Mercy, Ring, Sugar, Topsy...

I've complained endlessly about how having a dog is a huge pain in the butt. In the city with a dog, the simple things get complicated somehow. Walking the dog, finding dog sitters, no room to let it run, can't just open the door and let it out, etc. But I have to remember all the good things a dog can give you. Scout has been the most loving soul in my life. I mean that. Scout has been with me for 12 years. I found her on the street in the East Village on a freezing January day. I fought Josh to keep her and it was not to his liking that she ended up staying. It was made clear she would be my dog.

From the first night she slept in our bathtub she has been completely loyal and grateful. It's as though she knew her fate if I hadn't taken her home with me and she knew I rescued her. She is quiet and ladylike, she prances down the street. She has never been picky, eats whatever dry food I find on sale and sleeps under my side of the bed. When she hears me get up, that's when she gets up - even if it's just to open the window. Before she goes to bed, she stands next to me, I reach down from my bed and pet her goodnight. Scout has loved my children from the first day I brought them home. She has never once shown jealousy and has taken tumbles from Beckett and whisker pulls from Petra. And when I escape the chaos to have a good long cry sitting on the edge of the bathtub, she'll come find me and press her head against me. She's always known when I'm upset or happy and she adjusts her mood to mine so I have her to lean on. As I write this, my sister Theresa's dog Sally is not doing so well. She's 12 too and her age has just caught up with her. Sally is a true best friend, always with you, and we love her so much. I guess all we can do is curl up next to her, pet her and kiss her and press your head against her.

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