Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tom is my Hero

We had enough of Disney's grip on our product choices and refused to buy Dora the Explorer Watermelon Toothpaste. Adult toothpaste for Beckett from now on was our decision. Naturally, fighting pursued. Along came Tom. This toothpaste has changed my life. No more cries from Beckett that the Crest, Aim, and Colgate are "too spicey"!!!! No more lingering in the bathroom trying all sorts of brain manipulation, reverse psychology, bribery and man-handling. This was the answer. Topped off with a Kid's Bubble Gum Flavored mouth rinse as a "reward".


  1. what a brilliant idea. I have to try it after we run out of the beloved "Cars" toothpaste!

  2. great! bring some with you! - whitney