Friday, August 14, 2009

Coyote the 29 cent Fish

I can't believe this fish is still alive. Beckett picked him out last summer from Pet Co.'s feeder fish tank. It was filled with hundreds of lousy looking half dead "goldfish". He was tiny and sad, but had a lot of pep. The teen that snagged him from the death tank for us said he probably wouldn't live long without a proper tank and filtered water system. I set out to prove the little pot-head wrong. Today Coyote has flourished- in a bowl with no pump mind you. He has since moved from Beckett's bedroom dresser to our living room mantle. Still no one knows he's there but me. Beckett lost interest in him after he changed his name from Wall-e to Coyote. For some reason, he brings me loads of good vibes. I love him. He's the best 29 cents I've ever spent. He's beautiful, simple and quiet.

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