Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Bye Summer- For Real

Packed up all the summer stuff: picnic blanket, beach towels, cooler, swim trunks and sea shells we had scattered on the table. All that stuff wasn't scattered on the table, just the shells. You know me better than that! I took a snapshot of the shells for one last image of our beach days. Busted out the Halloween decorations the other day and it is finally beginning to feel like fall. Fall is my favorite season.  In the movie You've Got Mail, either Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks says something about a bouquet of pencils reminds them of fall...something like that and I totally agree. Back to school feels like a fresh start and I really needed that this year. New personal goals and new challenges mixed in with old friends. We're going apple picking next weekend with old friends and I can't wait. I may buy a pumpkin pie on site and eat it on the hay ride just to engulf the full sense of fall all at once since I don't have a bouquet of pencils near by.

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