Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spoon Full of Sugar

Petra is my last baby. I don't plan on having any more and it makes everything she does somehow a little more special and I'm trying my best to implant all of her sweetness in my memory forever. With Beckett, I was frantic to calm him, feed him, change him, figure out how to satisfy him and I feel like I missed so much of his baby-ness. Being back at work has made this effort a little tougher, so I'm left with bed and bath time during the week and weekends are golden. I'm sure this story sounds familiar to many. But not to my mom or my mother-in-law. If you think of the past generation of moms that stayed home until their kids were in Kindergarten and didn't have texting and cell phones as distractions, those moms really knew their kids. I want to make a better effort to be present when I'm with my kids, put the cell phone away at the playground and play more. Pretty soon I'll be packing away all of these baby spoons and sippy cups and I hope I feel full enough of baby sweetness.

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