Thursday, September 27, 2012


Petra has been throwing a royal fit at drop off each morning. It does not matter who brings her to school, she even fights with the neighbor when she tries to get her out of her car seat. Crying, screaming, clenching her fists around the car seat straps she digs her heels in deep. Once she is left there, her tears shut off, she begins to play right away with friends and she has a great day. We all conferred (Josh, neighbor, teacher & myself) and decided some type of reward system needed to be instilled.

I took Petra to the bead store where she was able to choose 6 charms. She could earn the charms if she had good drop offs for 3 days in a row. So far, so good. One more day to go to the horse charm.

This feels very familiar. I'm sure we've all tried these reward charts. Beckett had one next to the toilet to earn Match Box cars and Scout has a bowl of treats for each time she pees & poos outside. This time, I kept it simple, no Excel spreadsheet with rows and rows of dates to check. I'm realizing my kids work better in small increments of time and so do I.

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