Monday, October 8, 2012

Trexler's Living Room Makeover

from That 70's Show to...

Modern Family:

Tuscan Yellow walls & boring red brick became...

Moonshine Grey and fresh white:

(a new fireplace door will be inserted and will overlap fireplace opening about 4 inches. It will cover the light creosote stain you can see a bit in these photos)

 I just spent the long weekend upstate at my sister Michelle's house to help makeover her living room. It's so funny- before the idea of the makeover, her living room was one of the most comforting places I've ever visited. I never really stopped and looked around at the dated brick and dreary wall color. The rest of her first floor rooms have slowly been updated and this was the last to go down. It is open to the kitchen, so we wanted to choose colors that could flow together. Michelle tends to choose warm tones, but I convinced her to go cool grey. It does change as the light in the room changes, as do most wall colors. But in the end we loved the light grey's calming effect.

Her amazing husband, Jim joined us for a kid-free paint fest all day Saturday. Prior to my arrival, they removed an old dingy brass set of fireplace doors that Burt Reynolds may have posed in front of. It was painfully slow prep: removing children, removing furniture, spackling, sanding, taping, drop-clothing, and finally cutting in the corners. We each tackled a portion of the room: Michelle on brick & mantle, Jim on ceiling & walls and I was on window trim and entry door. We agreed to quit by 6:30 pm and see where we stood. Needless to say, Sunday we were right back at it with a quick trip to Homegoods for some accessories. The few accessories seen on hearth and driftwood inside are meant for mantle, but it was too wet. We were still doing a few touch-ups today before I had to drive back to CT. It was a blast and so gratifying to see the room transform and to work with my sweet sister and brother-in-law. I can't wait to sit in front of a roaring fire sipping a glass of wine with them this winter. Hope this is inspiring for those wondering how to update a blah, dated room with overbearing brick. XO

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