Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Trends

 I guess these elastic hair bands are the new rage. They're being worn as much as bracelets as in your ponytail. I'm sure they're out and over with already in the Big City, but the girls in New Canaan have yet to catch on...but it's only a matter of days. It reminds me of the day before Crazy Bandz made it out here. They get up to speed on little trends like this and given all the long locks that flow from these girls, these hair bands will be stocked in all the cute shops downtown like tomorrow. I'm trying to be one step ahead and get some of mine in stores before the Fed Ex truck makes it out here. Not sure if I have the energy to knock on doors peddling my wares. I feel so pathetic. But they are really sweet & my packaging will make them sweeter. So keep an eye out in the mail for your little package of hairbands. I'm making them by the dozen.

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