Monday, September 10, 2012

Duh. Dinners Saved!

Fun platter from my dear friend, Denise. I use it every night:

I am keeping the promise I made to myself this new school year to cook only one dinner each night. I had been catering to the kids schedule & palette by cooking them an earlier dinner then cooking Josh & I a second dinner later. Twice the time & mess. What was I thinking? With the idea of one main dish on the table each night, I knew there would be some unhappy taste buds as new flavors are forced upon the kids. I imagined my chili, beef stew, and enchiladas sitting cold on their plates as the night wore on. This is a no brainer tactic and I'm sure we all try to put a mix of veggies & fruit in our kids diet, but this platter has saved my dinner drama. Along with whatever main dish I am serving I fill this platter with an assortment of fruits, yogurt, and cut veggies. If the kids are not fully consuming the main dish, (they must at least try several bites) they are then reaching for the platter. I do not jump up and throw some pasta on the stove or nuke some nuggets- although it is tempting. They fill their bellies on this stuff rather than go to bed asking for crackers in bed- which I have been known to sneak in. 

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