Thursday, May 1, 2014

Work in Progress #2

After yesterday's gripe about how many of my projects are started and stopped, I am continuing to post them for a few reasons. 

1. I'd love any feedback, advise or suggestions.
2. I need to organize my thoughts and "to do" list and in some way, this blog is a giant list for me.
3. I need some sense of accomplishment. Even though these are not complete yet, I need to remind my self of what I have achieved so far.

Initial Series
Louise Nevelson. Her work involves grouping objects together and achieving a sense of unity through color. My goal in this first of many initials I am hoping to make was to take objects relevant to my subject (in this case, my 2 year old Godson). I made this for his second birthday. I know artwork is a lame gift for a toddler, but I'm hoping as he gets older, he will appreciate it. The objects are sprayed with several coats of paint and then assembled on large canvas. This one was approx. 22" X 30". 

Lesson learned: 
As work is finished, pack away for safe keeping. When I finished this piece, I had it resting in the kitchen until I left for London with it. Two nights before I left, it fell over. I went to catch it and I put my hand through the canvas! Had to remake it...Must have been really thin canvas.

Where is this going?
I am hoping to continue this idea, perhaps take commissions. I may try putting them on and take orders if anyone shows interest. Major obstacle: I have to spend some time collecting buckets of odd toys and game pieces (if you have any you need to toss - send my way). I'll hit some yard sales this spring to try & stock up.


  1. My son was the lucky recipient of this totally rad piece. Thank you, Auntie Cara! Your creativity never ceases to astound me. These pieces are awesome and you could totally clean up! xoxo