Thursday, May 8, 2014

Work in Progress #4

Another ongoing project that will never end is working on our boat. While this is not  necessarily an artistic endeavor, the interior design aspect of the boat is right up my alley. Since it was built in 1968, it requires annual mechanic maintenance and cosmetic maintenance. Years ago, before kids, Josh and I could devote many weekends each spring sanding and varnishing mahogany panels, sewing custom curtains, polishing chrome and making small repairs wherever needed. We went all out:

Working on the boat circa 2003
With the limited time we have to work on it currently, Josh takes on the hard stuff: making sure the engines run, the toilet flushes and that we won't sink. I assist him with these issues in small ways, but my focus is making the boat as pretty as it once was in it's heyday:

This season, I will do my best to spruce up the interior. Although the wallpaper and headliner is ripping in places and has an overall stained appearance, there's nothing I can really do about that with limited time and funds. Luckily, after years of watching HGTV design shows, I've learned how to draw attention away from the ugly with new and fresh items. Here is a peek at how I plan to fool the eye:

-new bedding for the twin bunks & sewing pillow cases for twin bunks
-printing & framing new photos for the walls
-replacing the interior carpet
-sewing new curtains
-sanding & staining swim platform, & stairs to flybridge
-painting fresh boot stripe
-repairing dinette cushions
Kid's sitting at the dining table. The naugahyde upholstery has since torn at the corner.
One of the frames that need to be filled & hung.
New nautical bedding from Ikea for the kid's bunk beds.
Two of 4 pillows that need nautical pillow cases sewn.
I just love this fabric for the kid's.
This job is way over due.
I don't think we have done the swim platform in a couple of years.
A sample of the new carpet.
The old curtains - water stained from windows left open? Not sure.
Need to sew some new ones.
Below deck- couch turns into bunk beds.
I'll post photos as these jobs get ticked off my list so stay tuned...

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