Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Creature Comforts

Living in a city apartment for 17 years didn't allow for many overnight house guests. When and if people stayed overnight, I tried my best to make them comfortable (on my living room floor). Dreadful. I always dreamed of having an empty guest bedroom, with a freshly made bed, clean towels laid out, and a candle ready to be lit, magazines and a few snacks - a-la Martha Stewart. Of course these treats would be arranged in a basket like these:

There is something so nice about having things within arms reach once you have settled into your room,
& not having to bother the hostess. 
My friend Rachael is an expert at arranging guest rooms complete with any and every desire a guest could have. Believe me, I have stayed at all of her homes over the years and leave one happy customer. She outfits the guest rooms with carafes filled with fresh water on your bedside table, a pad of paper & pencil, and plenty of fresh towels of course. But then she goes the extra step: chocolate within arms reach next to the bed - right next to the universal remote just begging you to watch Apple TV all night long. The closet is no exception. In there, she leaves a tote bag for your trip down to the lake, an umbrella for rainy days in town, a luggage rack, and of course, a cozy sweatshirt for sitting around the fire pit at night. (Which somehow made it into my suitcase upon departure…) oops!

Comforts from Rachael's guest rooms.
When we finally bought a house, although it had an entire lower level apartment complete with 2 full baths and kitchenette, it really had no extra bed room for us to keep a guest bedroom empty. We converted half the apartment to Josh's studio and the other half to a large family room. When guests come to spend the night, they can choose between Beckett's room (with a new double bed) or stay downstairs on a queen Aerobed (which is surprisingly comfortable). I am still craving the day when I can arrange a room for guests and leave it ready & waiting with all the little things they may need during their stay. That will have wait until the kids go off to college. 

Until then, I can do small things to make guests feel comfortable when they are visiting. I have so far readied the family room for the kid's & their friends. This is so much more convenient than running up and down with snacks & drinks. They can help themselves and have no excuse to come upstairs! I am now trying to think of the next guest basket to have on hand for summer guests…maybe a new beach towel, some flip flops  & sunscreen?

The only problem so far: this is located just outside of Josh's studio and I am constantly replenishing.  hmm...


  1. It's NOT me.....Its Thing 1 and Thing 2 constantly sneaking down there and me chasing them upstairs!

  2. First of all, you are too sweet. But I really need to step it up a notch based on the photos you are showing! And second of all, that tray would last all of 5 seconds in this household. Two thumbs up! xo