Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Work In Progress #1

My students often ask, " What kind of art do you make at home?" I am tempted to rant sarcastically, " Well, after a full day of teaching you lovely adolescents, I have a few hours at home before passing out.   What am I doing in those hours to stir my creative juices? After picking up the kids, helping with homework, walking & feeding the dog, picking up the house, throwing in a load of laundry, scrubbing a toilet or two, cooking dinner, cleaning up dinner, putting the kids to bed and folding said laundry, I have no time to crank out some art of my own. But thanks for asking".

Then I take a deep breath and remember I am still creative, I am still an artist at heart. I just need to find time to fit it in. 

I would give anything to stay home from work, send the kids to school and get to some of my projects- just for a week or two. Home alone: no work, no kids? It would be capital G- Glorious. A few weeks like that and I would be creatively satisfied. I could then head back to work revived. Until then, I thought I'd post some ongoing projects that are currently on hold:

Gold Stripe series

These photos are inspired by the idea of the things and circumstances around me having a 'silver lining'. I am drawn to elements in nature to use as the host to my gold stripe. I recently bought a can of gold spray paint and am quickly realizing I could happily paint everything I own with it. 

Where is this going?
I am in search of my next object to stripe. I am searching for the perfect bunch of bamboo, a cluster of river rocks, and a fresh mound of wet mud. Stay tuned for more...

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