Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fashion Police in the House

I wanted to follow up to my earlier post about Petra and her routine fashion meltdowns. We had a successful shopping spree at Old Navy about a month ago. After reviewing a checklist of articles and quantities she could buy, we piled into the changing room and edited out the unwanted. I was amazed at her maturity. Here we are in the changing room. No tears, thumbs up!

Back at the ranch, we fell back into some crying fits with her morning dressing routine. We soon realized the issue was more about Petra's diversion to the early hour than the clothing selection. Having her choose her clothes the night before is the only way we can function at this point. Here are 3 days worth of her selections. I really think the jewelry is a big motivator. We are currently working on her shoe issues. She seems to think she can wear her black Ugg knock-offs through summer. Oh no you don't. More about this later...


  1. I love it! What is it with 5 year old girls and fashion drama? We have regular meltdowns too and although Georgie has 20 pairs of shoes (mostly hand-me-downs) I am chastised daily that none of them are blue!!

    1. I would bust out a sharpie and color a pair blue- on the spot. Boom. Done. "Now wear them!"