Saturday, November 2, 2013

Outdoor Furniture Inside

Lacking proper storage for the butterfly chairs we had on our deck all summer, I brought them inside. They are now opposite the couch and I think they look pretty good, but a placeholder for sure. I will continue to search for a pair of upholstered chairs that make me happy. Once they were moved inside, and I sat in them to get a feel for the new arrangement, I honestly noticed my bottom was chilly. I kid-you-not. I remember seeing many examples of butterfly chairs with sheepskin throws on them when I was researching the frames and now I know why. Here are just a few of the sheepskin combos that inspired me to go grab some for my own chairs:


I ran to Ikea and picked up these 2 sheepskin throws for a mere $29. each. They really do make a difference in the coziness factor. Here's a peek at my new winter living room seating:

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