Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bursting with a Bargain!

The brass 'bursts' I ordered have arrived. I can't help myself, but here is yet another ridiculously overpriced version of the brass wall sculpture I was initially inspired by. I found it on 1st Dibs.  It has 5 pieces ranging from small-medium-large. This is the artist, Curtis Jere, that Jonathan Adler carries. It was listed for $6250!!

I opened my shipment today from Z Gallerie and am so happy. The seven I bought for only $125. are beautiful sculptures in themselves. They look much better in person than online. I had some trouble arranging them in an organic arrangement though. The symmetrical tendencies in me can't quit. I admit I am a symmetry dork. I planned the design on the floor and hung it I was once satisfied with height and line. Here's how it turned out:

At first Josh was concerned it was not going to be substantial enough for such 
a large wall, but once hung, it covers just fine.

What bargains have you found lately?
*Send me some high-low items you have been thrilled to find to Cara's email
and I will post them!

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