Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Light Plea

Tomorrow I am busting out our Christmas tree. The kids will be so excited, the boxes will unload all over the living room, the tree will slowly get assembled and decorated. This time of year is my favorite. I love driving around at night, seeing all of the houses decorated with twinkling lights and wreaths on doors. Wait. I used to love the twinkling lights. Not so much anymore. In our ever growing consciousness to save the earth, save money and save energy, we forgot about my aesthetic. Case in point:
         Incandescent lights = warm, inviting glow                    LED lights = Lights Emit Depression

Don't get me wrong. I really applaud the efforts being made to go green and run a more efficient household. I do my part. But not with my Christmas lights. I may lose a few friends here. I'm sorry for being so honest- but the LED lights simply remind me of when I lived in the East Village and from our apartment we could see directly into all the other apartments about 4 feet away through the air shaft. There were many small, dirty, kitchens lit by flickering fluorescent lights that gave off a cold, creepy, crack-house vibe. As I drive past houses lit by the LED lights this holiday season, the same feeling comes over me and it's just not warm and cheery. 
pure white = LED
Don't you just love the warm white?
If you had to stand in a room for an hour, which one would you chose?

Maybe you will hang LED lights this year. Maybe you'll choose to save hundreds of dollars in electric bills because LED bulbs use 80-90 % less energy. Maybe you'll choose them because they last 66 times longer than incandescent bulbs, are mercury free and emit 90% fewer Co2 emissions leading to the decrease of landfill waste. Or maybe, just maybe, you'll think of me and what makes me feel warm & cozy. Get your priorities straight this holiday season. Happy decorating.

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