Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Sanity & Bucket List

So summer is off to a great start. It's only been 5 days, but really great so far. Really, I mean it. Last night I introduced my "Summer Schedule" which includes chores & rules. I had scoured the Internet for ideas of how to structure two months of free time with the two kiddos ages 10 & 6. My biggest fear was daily begging and fighting over screen time paired with a husband working from his home office within earshot of all chaos and screaming. 
posted on my fridge

I felt I needed some leverage over them to promote good behavior & ways in which they can earn "choice activities" (like screen time). Everything else on the lists is just fluff, really. I figured if I could squeeze 2 chores out of them each day, and have them doing a small amount of reading/math, this summer could actually be somewhat peaceful. Obviously there will be many days where this ideal is just impossible. Camps, traveling, and full days out at the pool, beach & neighbors for BBQs will be frequent exceptions. If you want a closer look at the charts I posted, or to edit & create your own, here they are:
Printable Summer Charts: Click Here

Another addition to this summer of love & peace in my home (insert chuckle) is the "Summer Bucket List". If God forbid my kids complain they are bored, they can chose to do additional chores for small pocket money...OR choose an activity from the 'Bucket List'. The idea is that we will have a filled bucket by end of summer. Since I just made this today, I have yet to see how it plays out. I'll keep you posted. 
Printable Bucket List: Click Here 

I found all Bucket List supplies at Home Depot.
I dyed clothes pins with food coloring for different occasions:
Blue for rainy days (came out green)
Black for night time
Yellow for sunny days

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