Sunday, June 28, 2015

Share Your 'Summer Sanity' Ideas!

I forgot to ask you to share any ideas you had regarding your summer schedule. My last post featured some new guidelines I am trying to follow with my kids and I'd love to see what works for you. I'd love to post them right here! My sister, Michelle gave it a go and this is what she came up with:

I love how she displayed each boy's chore cards - it's visually appealing and simple for them to follow. Another thing I need to consider is an allowance as reward. Michelle is paying her boys $1. per chore ($5./ week). Totally worth it!

I was originally using the chores as a way for my kids to earn choice activities, but this can easily fail: if I want to be able to take away the choice activity as a consequence to negative behavior, then doing the chores go out the window and will not get done. Why bother? However if they are paid a small allowance for chores well done, then everyone wins and I get to keep the removal of choice time as leverage.

Another small tweak for me: I need to set an early time frame for chores to be completed. I am realizing my kids will wait all day to do them, and for some things, for example the dishwasher being unloaded, they need to be done early in the day. 

*Please send me your ideas and photos of any charts/schedules/bucket lists you have made to keep your summer sane.

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