Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cyber Stalking Leandra Medine

Thank God you can't see who's scanning the Internet for you, searching your name on Facebook, pinning photos of you walking down the street to get coffee and checking your Instagram 6 times a day, 'cause if you could, I'd be in jail. I am confessing to you now - and to the world - I cyber stalk Leandra Medine. 

"Who is Leandra Medine?" you may ask. Well, I had no idea who she was about 3 moths ago. One late night as I regularly scrolled though Pinterest before passing out around 11:15, I noticed the same girl kept popping up on my "Clothing Styles I love Board". Wondering why the hell she was coincidentally photographed so often on the streets of NYC, I poked around to find out who she was. Apparently, I've been living in the sad, fashion darkness of suburbia. 
Confessions of a cyber stalker: It started out  as a simple curiosity. I could't believe how she could put together thrift finds & high end designer items and make them look so cool and fabulous. I stayed up late each night and instead of scrolling through Facebook nonsense, I went straight to anything written by her or posted of her, stalking my way to sleep. Come to find out, her blog, The Man Repeller, was voted Time's "25 Best Blogs of 2012" and featured in Forbes "Top 30 Under 30" as one of 2012's most influential trendsetters as a fashion blogger. And to this day, she has thousands of Instagram and blog followers. 

Ok, so I am behind a few years on this news. But the most appealing thing to me is her confidence to wear whatever the hell she wants. That was her initial idea behind The Man Repeller blog. She explained the title of her blog to the Daily Mail: "Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that's fantastic"
Cyber stalking Leandra Medine has  made me realize how little I dress for myself. Not that I have a huge fashion-passion. I am not a clothes horse by any stretch. My version of mixing high and low is   to pair Old Navy cargo pants with a J. Crew clearance-rack T-shirt, over a Danskin tank from Walmart. But I really need to liberate myself from putting on plain clothes that do not reflect my taste or personality in the least just to get me from work to home. She has inspired me in many ways to be more myself and I'm not ashamed to admit my stalking will continue. Thanks, L.M., I'll see you tonight on Instagram

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