Monday, January 27, 2014

What Toys Will They Remember?

Nothing feels better to me than cleaning out my kid's closets, or editing their shelves, bagging up unwanted & unused toys to pass along to the next kiddo. Most of the time, they don't notice but more often these days, they tell me they would like to pass certain toys and can realize they are finished with something and the love for the object is gone. There are, however the few toys that we all agree will stay for the long haul and be passed on to their children someday. 

We have established that the Match Box cars Beckett has been collecting since he was two will stay. He still takes them out and plays with them. Josh and I sit back, watch him roll around on the floor with them and listen to the crazy sound effects and story lines he mumbles. Brings us right back! 

Another keeper are the Legos. Both kids love them. We have combined all sets into one huge hog-pile. I have been tempted to sort them by color or shape as some O.C.D. peeps I know have done (the Angelos & the Trexlers). Congrats. You win. I will not be doing that, tempted as I may be. For now, dig away kids. Dig deep.

For now, the other big heirloom toy will be the wooden blocks. We have now combined blocks from Josh's childhood and my mother's playroom with new ones we bought when Beckett was first born. Both Petra & Beckett will still build for hours. They will drag out the animals and build them a zoo, the Army men and set up a war zone, or the Lego figures and build them a fancy hotel with these:

From my childhood, I can't say I have any saved toys, but rather what we kept them in. I don't know the history of this toy cart, who bought it for us or where it came from. All I know is we had it when Michelle was small enough to fit in it and be wheeled around. It housed all of our toys growing up and then in my mom's playroom at her house. It is now in our home and I am happy to have snagged it. 

For some of their smaller items that I can't quite let go of, I have set aside 2 boxes for each of them. I may find I need to transfer to larger ones at some point, but for now, these are holding onto a few things from Petra & Beckett's baby years:

Beckett's baby box.
His favorite rattles, books, blanket, and even a ball
& sweater that was passed down from Josh's childhood.
Petra's baby box.
Contains the sweetest Chinese pajama set from Aunt Theresa,
her brush & comb set, rattles and favorite books, sweater, and blanket.

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