Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dimmer Done!

After reading my post on LED Christmas lights, you may now understand my sensitivity to light. I have slowly been changing out our light switches to dimmers and up until now, it was fairly easy. Until I met my match in the dining room. Here it is before I lost my mind:
The expression "opening up a can of worms" totally applied to this job. This photo is actually 1/2 way through the job- it looks pretty organized at this point. What you can't see is a few spare wires I have shoved into the box. Hope that's not a problem later. (just kidding)
The scariest part of course, is the thought of being electrocuted all alone, no one to administer CPR, so I wait for Josh to be home. Our fuse box is a mess as you can see. From 1952 on, there have been changes made, chicken scratches and arrows that indicate nothing correctly. It was a total guess which switch shut off the outlet I was working on. Well- the light went out. That's good enough- right?
In the end, I managed to rig 2 separate dimmers that work the dining room and a spot light in the living room. It is so relaxing to lower the lights, sit back and enjoy the fact that I am a skilled electrician on the side.

Dimmer in action. 

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  1. Wow - you are brave! I can't imagine a room without dimmers, though - once you go there, there's no going back! :) x, R