Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Going for Glitter

My dear friends Whitney & John gave us these vintage planters as a housewarming gift. They are totally age-appropriate to the house and have flanked our front door since we received them. Each season, I struggle to keep anything alive in them. Not because of the planters, but because I kill anything green. Fast forward to Michael's as I shopped for some ideas to decorate the front entrance for Christmas. The glittered and gilded faux flowers and garlands were so tacky they were border line cool. I decided to try and put my spin on them & mix them with some real pine clippings from the yard. Petra was on board as soon as she saw the sparkles through the shopping bag:

I figured we would do the window boxes in one shot.
I found green foam the exact diameter as the pots- so no cutting necessary.
I just started shoving the clippings in working from the center out. 

A little bit of foam showed along the ridge, so Petra and I pinned
extra moss I had left over from the terrarium project. 

To add some color to the window boxes, I had these glass balls that I no longer hang on the tree.
Originally, I wanted to hot glue them to wooden skewers,
but when I realized we had used them all this summer,
I grabbed some sticks from the kindling pile. Worked just as well.

I'm pretty happy with the results. Nothing genius, but it got us in the holiday spirit.
Yes- I cringe looking at the scrolled brackets. They will get replaced this spring.

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