Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Harry Bertoia Barstool


$1096.00                                                                                        $135.00                                                               
$75.00 shipping                                                                              free shipping
8-12 weeks delivery time                                         VS                  24-48 hr. delivery time                                                                       

I needed a counter-height barstool for the desk area in the kitchen. I love Harry Bertoia's wire chairs and barstools. He designed them in 1952, the same year our house was built, so I think they are totally appropriate. The only dilemma was price. I found reproductions in a range of prices. They all look identical. For some purchases I can understand why we would splurge for the licensed reproductions, especially wood furniture or anything upholstered, but metal? I just couldn't do it- plus we are trying to save our dimes for the upcoming bathroom reno. I took a gamble and ordered the one on the right. It should arrive this week and I'll let you know how it stands up. Stay tuned...

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