Monday, March 11, 2013

Boost Week Done!

This is Tracy Anderson. She is Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer. I now hate her. She has un-human-like energy and willpower. I have been following her "Method" for the past week both diet and exercise. I have 11 more weeks to go. I and am happy to move on to what she calls a reset week with food I can actually bite into. All last week I ate purees and soups and barely chewed anything. 
I'm bragging here.

I never bought so many veggies at one time. It took all day to chop, steam & blend all of this together:
This is just some of the finished products: apple & blueberry sauce, sweet potato & corn puree, carrot & parsnip mush, gazpacho. I still had chicken soup to make. Lordy!

Dear Gazpacho,
You are unbearable. You make me gag. From now on I will take all of your separate ingredients and chew them up like a normal lady. I hope we never meet again.


  1. You do see that that photo is completely photoshopped, right?


  2. Looks like baby food, is the diet working?