Thursday, October 17, 2013

My MJ Obsession

Ok. Confession time. In 6th grade I became deeply obsessed with Michael Jackson. It was 1983. I was also obsessed with any and every piece of music he and produced. Thank God for MTV, music videos gave me access to him 24/7. I rehearsed all of his choreographed moves until I knew each sequence- Thriller was my favorite. I was determined to collect any image I could find of him. I would purchase, cut and glue together collages for my bedroom walls. I bought up every People Magazine, Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, and newspaper that had his image. Posters, calendars, trading cards and even bubble gum had his image on it at the time. He was so incredibly talented and I am sad his life ended with so many crappy things surrounding it. Simply sad for so many people.

Here are a handful of my collages that literally wallpapered my bedroom walls:
 I can't believe after 30 years these are in such good shape: 
 After I hit 8th grade, and MJ's tours were coming to a close, I slowly transformed my room back into a normal teenager's. Regular trips to Pier 1 with my babysitting money made me feel like the grown-up, world traveler I longed to be. I carefully wrapped up and stored the wallpaper collection in my attic. 

Fast forward 20 years and MJ was back in the news accused of varied crimes at his Neverland ranch. I honestly can't state my opinion one way or another about his innocence. Well, I guess I can say this: I do know that when you throw millions of dollars into a trial, people say and do crazy things. No matter what, I would believe my children if they claimed anything had happened to them while they were away from me- bottom line. The parents involved in those cases make me wonder...Rich, poor, famous or some ordinary guy down the street- if some man asked my 8 year old over for a sleep over, my answer would be no. Even if he was MJ. 

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