Monday, October 14, 2013

Beckett's Blog

Beckett came home from school in a panic Friday. He was like a technology addict begging for any random connection to the "real world" through any means possible. He needed his fix. He asked for an iPhone and even threatened to ask Santa for one if I didn't comply. He asked for his own email address so he can email his friends....what? I can't even imagine worrying about what 3rd graders would email each other?

He then remembered last fall I added a blog for him on my account. He started off by adding one photo with a simple heading. Knowing he had this creative outlet to "connect" to his friends through the Internet satisfied him for now. He is happy to have the ability to email his friends the blog's link for them to check out and see what he is up to- although he has yet to produce a friend's email address since I am sure no one in the 3rd grade has one...right?!

In case you are curious, here is a screenshot of his home page:

I love that he has somewhere to collect ideas, photos, and scrapbook. A boy after my own heart. XO

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