Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Decor

The tree went up last weekend and as much as I love the uniqueness of having a white tree, it's lacking. I need to relax a bit and and throw many more ornaments on and perhaps introduce more colors. I will admit after the kids helped me decorate it and they headed to bed, there was some rearranging done to even it out- but I'm sure the most laid-back folks do this as well. Right?

Speaking of relaxing when it comes to decor: I'm so proud of myself. I let loose this year and allowed the kids to set up their Christmas miniatures on the credenza. Breathe. They loved spreading out the trees, the club house, and the many village people. Willy-nilly, no design plan. Breathe. Beckett even toppled over some trees to resemble hurricane Sandy damage. Why does that boy torment me? I have yet to touch it. Teeth clenched. Hives. 
God bless 'em.

By the way, the gold holly leaf wall hangings I scooped up at a roadside garage sale upstate in Cairo with Whitney & John for a mere 2 bucks. They totally caught my eye as something my Grandma would have hung for Christmas. They are stamped 1954. I have yet to spray the branch (recycled from Halloween decor) with fake snow.

I asked friends to send a quick pic of their holiday wreaths hoping, like dogs, they would somehow resemble the owners. What do you think? 

 The Pillsbury-Clarke's: S. Orange, NJ
Vibrant, modern and fun!

 The Holmes's: Martha's Vineyard, MA
Woodsy, earthy, textured.

The Bennett's: New York, NY
Classic. The tartan bow screams tradition.

 Maggie Pennoyer: Bridgeport, CT
Jazzy, bright, bold. (Handmade by her 14 year old niece!)

 The Trexler's: Malta, NY
Orderly, even, and everyone represented fairly.

Justin Nawrocki: Kyoto, Japan
Justin has limited wreath making supplies in Kyoto, so he fashioned a wall hanging using this tree-print fabric and hand sewed seed beads onto the branches. Craf-T!

The Beatman's: Norwalk, CT
hmmm, monochromatic, simple, minimal.


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