Thursday, September 3, 2015

What's on YOUR Nightstand?

Years ago I remember reading a House Beautiful article that featured the bedside tables of some pretty well known of interior decorators. They were very glamorous, and obviously very staged full of fresh flowers and sterling silver picture frames. Each tableau supposedly represented the styles and personalities of each decorator. House Beautiful even published an online video tour of decorator, Bunny William's bedside table. Click here if you care to see it. 

Since then I have come across a surprising amount of articles written on the subject and I soon realized this was not a unique curiosity of mine. The long list of articles trying to prove there is some  deep psychological connection between what you throw on your nightstand each night and your subconscious is almost humorous. Here are just a few:
Even still, it intrigued me to see how these small table tops said so much about the people snoozing next to them. Tissues from colds, books read to our kiddos, water, lotions & chapsticks for some self-healing, remotes for late night entertainment, were a few of the common items. It was fun to take a peek at yours and see what they said about you and your life at the moment. Thanks to all of your contributions, forgive me if I didn't use yours, I needed to cut some down for space issues. Here's what you sent:
Here is mine on the left and Josh's on the right:

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