Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to Business

I have this tray on my kitchen counter. For the entire summer I filled it with beverages and the blender for spontaneous visitors and drinks on the deck. As soon as school started up, I found myself once again 'nesting' to get ready. Each school year I try to attend to areas of the house that will help the kids and myself stay organized. (My kitchen desk, dresser drawers, and even the fridge). In my attempt to make packing lunches easier, I sadly put away my summer beverages and replaced them with lunch boxes and thermoses for both kids. I always hated unloading them from the dishwasher each day to then turn around the next morning and dig them out of the cupboard. As unsightly as it may be on my counter, it has to live there. 

Fridge = Message Center
What are you doing to get ready for the school year? Share what trick you have to make getting ready for school easier or the homework routine less painful. How do you stay organized? CLICK the email button on the right --> and send me your photos and ideas! I'd love to post them! Have a great school year!


  1. Awww...that picture is so sad...summer is over! But love the lunch idea. I, too, hated putting them away only to dig them out again. Though now the kids have lunches at school - yee haw! This year we have so many activities during the week and things the kids need to remember for school on certain days so I'm making a special weekly calendar with icons to help them help me pack things up. We'll see how it turns out.....

    1. Send photos when it's set up - need to see & steal!