Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Kid's Table

Growing up, we spent many holidays at our grandparent's house. When it came time for the big meal, the dining room typically maxed out with adults and like many households, there was the separate kid's table. I remember being ok with sitting at it. It was actually the coffee table in the living room, we sat on the floor and felt special since we were away from the grown-ups and had our own space to be ourselves. 
This past Thanksgiving, we were entertaining 6 little cousins ranging in age from 4-9 yrs. The table was right next to the adult table, but I wanted it to feel a bit special and fun. I chose not to dress the table with a table cloth in case of spills, but kept the table decor clean white so the colorful glasses & napkins popped as well as the turquoise stools. 

I wanted for each kid to have a take away gift and made it part of the table decor. Petra helped me adhere the monogram of each cousin onto a votive that held a flameless candle from Michael's. Petra still lights hers each night on her bedside table- they last forever. 

I had thought about arranging a small activity like a coloring sheet and crayons to keep the kids at the table a bit longer. Then I remembered we never had entertainment at the table. WE were the entertainment! We made each other laugh, acted silly in between spoonfuls of mashed potatoes, and got yelled at to clean our plates. It was a family celebration and we were there to spend time together and share a meal. I can see adding some extra goodies and activities if it were a longer meal such as a wedding or adult function. The tablescapes below are great examples of inviting kid's to come together & sit & eat & have fun:
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