Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hand me a Sledgehammer

When we moved into our house, we loved so many aspects of the design and aside from a few obvious updates (windows, insulation, deck & bathroom) we were satisfied. The only exception was these railings on the front steps and on the small terrace off the dining room. They were most likely not original, as far as we could tell, and reminded me of railings trailer park homes would have. They had to go.

I knew I could do the job myself since the railings felt flimsy and I was hoping to just push them off or at most unscrew some screws. I waiting for the perfect moment when Josh was away for the day, I wanted to prove I could do this all by myself. I ended up using a sledgehammer for most of it and a sawzall to cut a few of the posts. To finish the job, I have to patch up a few nail holes and paint where siding had discolored.

To keep from feeling like you're going to fall off the sides, I'm planning on putting these planters from Restoration Hardware on either side:

Meet my little friend: the sawzall.

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