Monday, July 23, 2012

My Art Room is Done!

I finally finished my art room. The only thing left is the flooring. We'll install cork tiles and baseboard trim when we do the rest of the basement. As I was setting it up it reminded me of when I was around 10 years old and I was obsessed with playing school with my sisters. I was determined to set up an entire classroom in my parents dank, moldy cellar. I brought down staplers, reams of paper, a broken telephone, chalkboard, and old school books. We'd take turns being teacher until someone would quit and we'd all scramble like hell out of there. No one wanted to be the last one left in that scary basement. We'd return down there a few days later to find all the supplies warped and moist from the moldy air. Pens stopped working and everything was musty. We were out of business and our classroom was eventually abandoned. Home Depot is delivering a huge dehumidifier this week and hopefully that will save my supplies and keep the moisture at bay. Until then, I managed to entice the kids down to test it out. They loved the space, made a mess, and split. Later this evening, I'm going to geek out, pour myself a glass of wine and use the space to finish Petra's baby book- until I get spooked out and run upstairs.