Monday, March 5, 2012

I need a low maintenance backyard:

We did a ton of yard work yesterday. I focused on ripping out a huge patch of pricker bushes along side the driveway = success. My efforts right now are to make the entry to the house cleaned up and planted for spring, while Josh is focused on overall leaf removal. Petra is on stick pick-up detail Beckett seems to think he can skip yard work if he's playing outside running wild. Honestly, I'm ok with that for now. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him playing hide and seek with the neighbor's kids or climbing a tree to check out a squirrel's nest. As far as home improvements, the back deck will be torn off & rebuilt next month, so the backyard project may have to hold off until next spring, but here are some photos that have me thinking. What I love about these is the low-maintenance factor, little grass if any, gravel, blue stone patio, and fire-pit combo. As for furniture- not sure yet. What do you think? Maybe to make me feel better, I'll start preparing the space by ripping out the rectangular patch of pachysandra where we will eventually create this.

Love the built in seating & no-mow gravel:
 Just love the fire-pit and fun atmosphere in this one:
I would never do a circle though. God forbid.
 This is about all the grass I want to deal with: You can pass a football on gravel- right?
I'm all about the ability to play bocee ball.
 Love the firewood storage, fire-pit and seating. We would have the pachysandra 
surrounding this patio, not cactus:
 Again, love the fire-pit, built in seating, but the separation 
between slabs of stone would be a pain:
 Too much going on here. Too many things to care for, but there are parts I love:

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